frequently asked questions

How long in advance should I order my Save The Dates?
Save the date are a relatively new items in wedding stationery. Some of your older relatives will receive it in the mail and go 'what the?' These aren't a must have item, we suggest doing save the dates if you have a lot of your guests having to travel interstate or if they need to book accommodation, it gives them the heads up to book as early as possible. 

If you decide to go with a save the date, we recommend ordering these around 10-14 months out from the day. This will give your guests 10-12 months notice.
Remember to check our turn around times when ordering.

When should I order my Wedding Invitations?
You want to be sending your invitations out no later than 3 months out from your day. Your caterers will more than likely want 2-4 weeks notice to confirm your numbers, so this gives guests 8-10 weeks to RSVP.
Meaning we would recommend ordering your invites no later than 5 months out. This gives you 2 months to allow for ordering, designing, printing ect. 
If you are after something custom, get in contact with us from 8-12 months out as it will take some time to bring your ideas and vision together.

Remember to check our turn around times when ordering, sometimes we may cut off orders if there is an influx.

When should I order my signage and stationery?
Sometimes you don't know exactly what you want for this stuff until a little bit closer. We recommend ordering these items not long after you have posted your invitations out, but roughly 4-8 weeks out - depending on whether its from our online store or a custom design. We are lucky that most of our foam core signage and other signage items are printed locally in Bendigo making turn around time a little quicker at times, so we are able to accommodate for last minute orders!

Do I get envelopes with my invitations?
Yes, you do! All of our invitations and save the dates include a basic white envelope. But you can upgrade to a colour if you wish for an additional cost.

Do you have a minimum order?
Yes we do! Take note of these on each different item. But we can do a custom order - get in touch.

How many invitations should I order?
You just never know who you have forgotten or if you decide on inviting more people, plus you will want one to keep and one to give to your photographer on the day. In saying this, we recommend ordering 5-15 extra.
It can be quite costly if you need more at a later date.

How does the pricing work on your werbsite?
The price you first see is the base price for the minimum amount. 
Then anything you add on top of this - quantity, paper upgrades, address printing ect adds on top of this.

Do you print double sided?
Yes! Absolutely we do. Contact us for a quote.

Can I get my order faster? I needed my invitations yesterday...
In most cases, we can accomodate a rush order for you. It will incur a $100 fee.
Please contact us prior to ordering to make sure we can sort it for you as quickly as possible.

I just want a digital PDF file of my invitation to send to my guests, do you do this?
Please contact us.

Do I get to see my stationery / signage before you print?
Of course! Nothing goes to print unless you have given the go ahead. You will receive a PDF file of your order.